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Exploring Statistics: Tales of Distributions is an affordable, high-quality college textbook with a voice—the voice of encouraging professors who want students to succeed.

Praise from Professors

“I used your textbook this year and plan to use it again next year. It has been incredibly helpful.” Denny Vowell - Williams Baptist University “Your GREAT text will be my permanent required one for my summer and coming fall stat courses.” Se-Kang Kim - Fordham University “…is the first book I have encountered that I feel really teaches the reader to understand statistics at a conceptual level…” Jeremy Shelton - Lamar University “Nothing is as conversational and easy for students to navigate. Every semester I have students who ask why all math books can't be written in the same style.” Jessica Alexander – Centenary College "Best I have ever used and my students appreciate it." Dan Calcagnetti – Fairleigh Dickinson University "It's the best on the market." Bob Hayes, Westfield State University "I have used your text since the second edition. I have always valued the clarity of your writing." Gary Byrd – West Texas A & M University "I absolutely love this textbook. It's the only textbook I've ever used that students genuinely like. It's like they are having a conversation with the author." Lisa Carlstrom – Modesto Junior College "Thank you for writing the book that set me on my career." Paul Bernhardt – Frostburg State University "Students have commented that they really like the book and found it easy to follow." Kristi Lekies – The Ohio State University "Tales is highly readable, simple, straightforward, and unpretentious, unlike many others that I've read." Jill Schmidlkofer – Career Statistician "Many thanks for all your work in producing a truly outstanding statistics book." Casey Cole – Missouri Southern State University "... my stats sections usually closed in a few minutes and I attribute much of that popularity to the effectiveness of your book... Thanks for a great book!" Richard Deyo – Winona State University "…a bit of praise, this is the best textbook for my students about statistics." Don Edgar – New Mexico State University "I found your text to be complete, yet succinct and very understandable." Robert Lloyd – University of Minnesota, Duluth "I … want to offer my gratitude for your work. It has made teaching the course more of a pleasure to me and my students." Keith Pannell – El Paso Community College "Thanks for providing behavioral science students with a readable, practical textbook on the subject." Barry Vann – Colorado Christian University

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