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Study Guide for Exploring Statistics: Tales of Distributions


One of the best things you can do as a student of statistics is to practice applying what you know to new questions. Test yourself to find out what you understand well and identify what you still need to work on. Thus, we designed study guides to accompany the 12th and 13th editions of the textbook Exploring Statistics: Tales of Distributions as a way to complement what you are learning in your class and in the textbook and provide you with even more practice questions.


The study guide authors – Lindsay Kennedy, Jennifer Peszka, Leslie Zorwick, and Marc Sestir – have more than 50 years of combined years of experience teaching undergraduate statistics using this textbook and we have focused extra attention on the topics we find come up over and over again with our students. We think this will help you learn the material more easily.  

Each chapter of the study guide has a short chapter summary you are meant to read after you have read the textbook chapter. The summary will review the highlights of the chapter, pointing to the most important ideas. We hope this will be a nice review of the chapter material. 

Next, you'll find a series of multiple choice questions, short answer questions, and problems. These questions are a great way to test where you are currently in your studying. Do you have a lot of work to do or are you able to answer most of these correctly?

We are working on getting the interactive versions of each study guide ready for our new website. In the meantime, please enjoy the content for free using the buttons below.

12th edition

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